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Snips of "Crowdfunding Your Game in 2020" by BackerKit

Snips 2 of #BackerKitparty : Crowdfund your tabletop game on #Kickstarter in 2020.. Hosted by BackerKit covering all the do’s and don’ts when crowdfunding. #BackerKit is the leading expert when it comes to crowdfunding your game on Kickstarter. They’ve got the tools and resources needed to set creators up for success, run strong campaigns, and deliver a trustworthy backer experience. For years, BackerKit’s software has been developed and refined based on intimate collaborations with over 7.7K crowdfunding creators and millions of backers. w/ Adam McCrimmon from XYZ Game Labs w/ Alyssa Marshall from Lay Waste Games w/ Stephen Jun Ma from Easyship Q and A w/ BackerKit, #XYZGameLabs , #LayWasteGames , & #Easyship Hosted by #JasonFurie BackerKit Community Manager / Late Fee Games (Rental Rumble)

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