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Quick Snips: Dr John Ng: Reinventing Your Business In A Post-Covid World

Quick Snips on a recent webinar attended: this was what was shared by Dr #JohnNg : What is the New Normal? How do you quickly innovate to stay ahead? How do we engage the team in this New Normal? Changing the mindset is the most difficult challenge in organizational transformation. To stay sharp and ahead, we need to be future-focused, and innovative to constantly reinvent the wheel and our business models to fit the changing climate. About the Speaker: Dr. John Ng, Chief Passionary Officer, and Founder, will share from his 25 years of experience in helping Fortune 500, Multi-National Corporations, and Small-Medium Enterprises and his own transformation journey. In preparation for the webinar, participants were required to register and complete a FREE Micro-mobile learning #NEXLeaders course "Reinventing Your Business In A Post-Covid World" Access FREE Mobile Microlearning course at: For first-time users, you will be required to register with your e-mail at their platform partner Gnowbe's site. After that, you will be prompted to download Gnowbe on the app store and you will be able to access the course with your credentials.

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