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Mooncake Festival 2023 Jia He Chinese Restaurant

Relish in year 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival with Jia He as people celebrate this century-old tradition with an exquisite selection of handcrafted Mooncakes freshly baked and packed in a stylish and elegantly designed gift box with individual matching design soft box to house every piece of the freshly baked mooncake. The gift box is designed to be repurposed and to host trinkets and keepsakes.

Jia He continues to serve the freshly baked Signature Mooncakes like the Deluxe White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts (Reduced Sugar), Jia He Deluxe Assorted Nuts with Kam Hua Ham and the ever-popular Deluxe White Lotus Paste with Two Yolks, as well as Deluxe Grainy Red Bean Paste with Melon Seeds (Reduced Sugar) to Black and White Sesame Lotus Paste (Reduced Sugar).


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